Stayhomeartchellenge saved my sanity. And I am 100% serious.

Such a tricky time has come I must say.
Contagious Corona virus has affected the planet; or is the planet that is sick of us, humans?
Either way, it is a time for self isolation, self love and reconsidering things, values and what matters most.
During this period I am participating in  Stayhomeartchallenge on Instagram.

Read more about Stayhomeartchallenge here and come along with me!

I will share with you my journey (and my quarantine days as well) and I encourage you do the same: stick to something creative, participate in to this challenge, take an online course, rest, apply self-love and enjoy slow-living.
Let this be our chance to become better human beings and reach the finish line healthy and alive.

P.s. As the virus is still alive..brrrr..the isolation restrictions keep becoming even more strict. As the weeks come by and the following months are predicted to be likewise (oh, hello Groundhog Day! 👋🏻 ) its is harder for me to invent ways to suggest you spend your days. Each of my designs on Stayhomeartchallenge depict parts of my reality. Trying to experiment with new things and suggestions becomes trickier day by day.

Do YOU have any suggestions for me to draw on stayhomeartchallenge? How do you spend your lockdown days? Leave your comments below 👇🏻 and let’s get through this, together!



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