Το χρώμα φέρνει τη χαρά!


Once upon a time a girl was born in sunny Greece. She was raised with love and values so she became a happy, shinny person who loves and respects animals, nature and people. As a super communicative and social girl she was, she chose to study Public Relations and Communication. She had the ability to become friends with almost every human being and her easy going personality was the passport to the Entertainment Industry, where she had been occupied for almost 9 years. In the meanwhile her creative nature was pulling her to more artistic & creative paths, such as writing, drawing, photoshooting. Her DSLR camera became a constituent part of herself and she realised that she was meant to be a “moments’ catcher”. A trip to Sweden in 2012 was her stepping stone to follow her dream. She fell in love with the country, the landscapes, the nature, the beauty. Besides, her favourite characters were Pippi Långstrump, Nils Holgersson and Emil i Lönneberga, the original swedish heroes (coinsidence? i don’t think so!). She took some swedish language lessons, packed her stuff in a backbag and moved in Stockholm, to live happily ever after. As an adventurer she is, she had plenty of them during her 4 years stay at the country. She went back home, missing Sweden but still creating illustrations, photography projects and pioneering situations in her home town.